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How does it work?

Ordering and receiving a PhotoScribe keepsake is a simple process.  The hardest decision you will have to make when ordering your PhotoScribe is which of our beautifully crafted pendants to order.  PhotoScribe has a wide variety of pendants to suit all tastes, from classic plain styles to rope, braided, and moms jewelry.  We carry diamond eternity frames, dog tags, cufflinks, and more.   A photo is uploaded in the ordering process which is transmitted to the PhotoScribe factory in Teaneck, NJ.  Within ten business days of order receipt, the company will ship the finished custom one of a kind personalized PhotoScribe directly to you via 2nd Day Service in the continental U.S.  Not only is shipping always free, we also personalize your PhotoScribe with a personal message at no extra charge.  The simple steps are listed in detail below:

Step 1: Choose your PhotoScribe style and shape.
Choose a shape, size, and style.  Once you have made your product selection in shape and size, the next step is to upload your photograph by clicking the browse button on the order page. 
Step 2: Upload your photograph.
Select your photograph by clicking on the browse button.  Allowed file extensions to upload are .jpg, .png, .jpegOnce you select and click, your photograph will automatically upload to the order page.  The maximum file size for a photograph is 2MB and/or 300 dpi  (dots per inch or resolution).You will see your uploaded photo in the pendant of your choice.  Please select laser engraved or color enamel.  Then crop your photo how you would like it look in the finished product.  You can adjust size and brightness.  Then click NEXT. 
Step 3:  Customization and Add Back Engraving
Next you can choose to remove the background in your photo and choose for the PhotoScribe team to optimize your photo.For a FREE back engraved message, click the ADD BACK ENGRAVING and a box will appear where you will enter your message and you can choose the font too.  Remember, it’s free!   The back engraving can be as simple as a few words and a date or it can be a personalized intricate message.  The options on the back of the pendant are limitless.  Since the mineral watch crystals are bonded to the pendant during production, if you want to personalize your PhotoScribe by engraving the back you must do so at the time you place your order. 
Step 4: Enter any special instructions in Add Special Notes
Please indicate any special instructions in the space provided.   Examples of special instructions may be cropping the photograph to your specifications, including a background in the photograph, selecting more than one person in the photo, etc...If there are no special notes provided, we generally focus in on the face or faces in the photograph and we crop the image around the shoulder area. We also eliminate all background so that the image of the person or pet is as clear as possible.  Should you want something other than what we suggest, please be sure to include that in the Add special notes area provided at the time of ordering. 
Step 5: Click Finish, review your order, and Checkout!
Add the custom personalized PhotoScribe product to your shopping cart.  Please be sure to review your order carefully before checking out.  At this time you are given the opportunity to check your special instructions and the back engraving request.  Once you are satisfied with your order, please select the checkout option. 
In less than 3 weeks you will receive your PhotoScribe product in a FREE gift box wrapped in tissue paper and coordinating gift bag and ready to give to your loved one. 


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