Welcome to PhotoScribe!


Q: What type of file do I need to send?

A: For a digital image, please upload the photo as a .jpg file. Make sure the image is saved at a minimum of 1024 x 768 pixels or more. The file size should be a minimum of 200KB and a maximum of 2MB.

If you would prefer to send something by mail, your photo(s) will be returned to you; however, we cannot be responsible for photos that are damaged or lost in transit. You will receive an e-mail confirmation please print it and send that along with your photo(s) to:

300 Frank W Burr Blvd – Suite 56
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Ref: Order#


Q: Are photographs returned? Are they harmed at all during the process?

A: All photographs are returned in their original condition and are not harmed in any way. The photographs are scanned into our computer system and all work is done on the scanned image only.


Q: I am having trouble up-loading my image can I e-mail it?

A: Yes, you can please e-mail to engravedphoto@gmail.com - please use your order reference number in the subject line so that we can match your image to your order.  


Q: Do some photographs work better than others?

A: A good clear image with a nice contrast between the subject and the background makes a great PhotoScribe pendant/charm.


Q: I have a group shot but only want 1 or 2 people in the group can that be done?

A: Yes, please fill in the special instructions and let us know which people you would like in your item.


Q: Can I use 2 separate photographs to make one pendant?

A: Yes, please email both photos to engravedphoto@gmail.com after you place your order.  Please use your order reference number in the subject line so that we can match your images to your order.  We will then merge the images together to create your PhotoScribe product. If there are any special instructions you would like us to know please be sure to include it when placing your order.


Q: Do I have to write out special instructions?

A: Not unless you would like us to focus in on something other than the face of your subject. We focus in on the faces in the photograph and crop around the shoulder area.


Q: How long before I get my PhotoScribe product?

A: PhotoScribe product is made in 10 business days and we ship 2-day Service (in most cases) back to you.


Q: Can I get my PhotoScribe pendant wet?

A: Most PhotoScribe products are water safe and can be worn in the shower and while swimming. The image is protected by a mineral watch crystal bonded to the front and back making them water and scratch resistant.


Q: How do I clean my PhotoScribe pendant?

A: You can wipe your pendant with a jewelry polishing cloth.  For our Sterling Silver product we do offer a cleaning cloth made specifically for that metal.


Q: How does PhotoScribe come packaged?

A: In a beautiful presentation box wrapped in tissue paper in a small gift bag with handles.


Q: What is the difference between Laser Engraved and Color Enamel?

A: Laser Engraved pendants are a black & white recreation of your photograph and there are no inks or dyes used in this process.  The laser creates small holes in the gold creating a permanent image.  Color Enamel pendants are a true color recreation of the photograph which is done in a heat baked process similar to enameling.


Q: Will my photos look the same as they appear on my computer screen?

A: Due to the differences in computer screens, PhotoScribe cannot guarantee color matching. We have very tight quality control to insure the best possible product. 


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